ZEN Manicure

Regular Manicure $25 
Special Manicure w/OPI Scrub, & 7-Minute Massage $35 
Zen Manicure w/Mitten Warmer, Grape Seed Oil, 10 Mins Massage $40 
Gel w/Manicure $40 

ZEN Pedicure

Spa Pedicure w/Sea Scrub $37 
Deluxe Pedicure $45 

w/Callous Gel, Sea Scrub, Foot Mask, Grape Seed Oil, 7 Mins Massage.

Pearl Spa $55 

Exotic jewels from the deep seas; Pearl Powder contains over a dozen different minerals and 18 different amino acids. A natural moisturizer that protects from UV Rays and free radicals, Pearl Powder promotes cell renewal for youthful ZEN Manicure and healthy-looking skin.

Green Tea Honey Spa $60 

Contains green tea and honey extracts with antibacterial and anti-aging properties that heals skin from within. Antibacterial - Anti-aging - Detoxifying - Anti-inflammatory.

Zen Herbal Pedicure $70 

Zen Nails All Natural ingredient, Callous Gel, Sea Scrub, 15 mins (includes Parafin Wax) Reflexology.

ZEN Nail Service

Full Set

OPI Acrylic $37 & Up
OPI Acrylic w/Gel Colors $45 & Up


OPI Acrylic $27 & Up
OPI Acrylic w/Gel Colors $37 & Up

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder $47 & Up
Dipping Powder w/White Tips $52 & Up
Ombre $75 & Up

Additional Services

Polish Change (Hand) Gel $25 
Polish Change (Feet) Gel $25 
Nails Repaired $5 +
Nails Take-Off $15 
Nails Take-Off w/New Set $5 
French/American $5 
Nails Art (per nail) $7 & Up

Kids Services (Regular)

Manicure Gel $25 
Pedicure $35 
Combo Manicure & Pedicure $35 
Combo Manicure & Pedicure Gel $45 


Eyebrow $13 
Lip $8 
Chin $15 
Face $45